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The Symbologist, Michelle Snyder
The Symbologist Michelle Snyder is a Bestselling Author and a world authority on symbolism, both visual and literary. Download her free gift and get started on your adventure into the world of symbols!
Start investigating the fascinating road of symbolism by learning the three secrets of Symbology! You can discover for yourself how symbols and people thrive, travel, and change together! Learn to uncover lost nuggets of history, reveal hidden meanings in images, and enlighten your mind! 

Symbology Article Collection: Your Window to Discovery and Enlightenment!

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12 Dancing Princesses 
Narcissus & Narcissa

Why do 12 princesses dance their shoes to rags each night? Discover the hidden messages in this story. 

Narcissus is a very old story -  it has been layered with opinion for millennia. So what is the original message?
Snow White's Secrets 
Stone Soup

Snow White may be famous, but the real lesson is veiled in the story. What can be learned about history here?  

Who ever heard of a fairy tale with a Stone as its Hero? This tale has roots thousands of years old. 
Archetypes Unlocked

Some images do not need any explaining, they don't even enter your logical mind. They are associated immediately without thought through our associative function. Archetypes are the most powerful symbols mankind has imaged. Find out more.
 The World of Symbols: an introduction

The world of symbols is vast. Throughout history and prehistory images have been used to record knowledge, tradition, and history. There are secrets whispering to the seeker who enters this world. 
Two Mysterious Cities &
The Animals of Gobekli Tepe

Two cities, one underground and one above - and both have mysterious features. 

Gobekli Tepe is an ancient megalith that was deliberatly buried. Why?  .
The Key to Lost Civilizations 
Busting The Cave Man Myth

Lost cultures are revealed with the symbols they created. Enzmann knew what these markings meant. 

Why were there no cave men? Read on and find out. 
Tarot Cards: Their History and Meaning

Some call Tarot cards the Devil's Picture Book. Yet the classic designs, as in Rider Waite, are rich with archetypes and messages that cause our brains to kick into gear - considering how many possible futures there might be!
Goddesses and the Divine Feminine

Goddesses have graced the world for millennia. They are still part of our traditions today. The USA has a goddess on thier capitol building. Some goddesses are famous like Venus, and some not so much.
Kabbalah, Cabala, Qabalah 
The Origin of Vampire Legends

The Kabbalah is considered a mysical and mysterious philosophy. 

The History of Vampires is intriguing. 

The Cross from Winter Solstice to Christmas
Wheels, Everyone Has One

The cross is a prehistoric symbol that has evolved into the foremost symbol of Christianity. 

Wheels are tools - but also symbols of the sun and mystical concepts. 
Love, Midas, & Unicorns

Symbols of love are everywhere. 

Midas and the golden touch reveals a chemical process inbetween its lines. 

Unicorns are beloved. The are biblical creatures, and have friends in royal places.  

Parametrics, All Knotted Up, & Rod and Cord

Comparative measurement - cold, colder - is parametric. 

Knots have a long history of symbolism. 

The Rod and Cord were essential tools in prehistory for astronomy.

Dangerous Environments: Black Forests & Deadly Deserts

This article was written with Gamers in mind. Enzmann knew these environments very well - all their blessings and dangers.
Magical Talisman

 A talisman is an object believed to possess magical or protective properties, often bearing symbols or inscriptions thought to bring good luck, ward off evil, or provide supernatural powers to its holder. 

Once Upon a Time, Mother Goose, & Wings

  The characters of once upon a time have symbolic meaning. 

Children's nursery rhymes like Mother Goose are more than just cute. 

Wings hold a special place in once upon a time, and in symbolism.

The Unicorn & the Boston Marathon Boston's Sacred Cod
Let the Bells Ring

The Unicorn is a Biblical Creature - the logo of the Marathon. Why is there a Codfish in the MA statehouse? And bells - they come from horns and symbolize a moment in time......
Venus, Cupid, & Roses

We all use symbols of love. Sometimes symbols are the only way to express this enormous emotion. 
Do you ever question their history or stories? 
In this article I share some with you. 

Handbag of God

Many conversations have been passionately shared about the Handbag of God. It encourages alien believers and time travel enthusiasts. Enzmann and The Symbologist have decoded this enigmatic image here. 

The Hexagram in Ancient Times

Discover the prehistoric roots of the hexagram symbol and its magical uses today.

What do Swans, Mother Goose, Valkyries, Harpies, and Angels have in common? 

Not just wings. 

The Symbologist Oral Tradition Video Class

Based on her book The Symbologist Oral Tradition

The Symbologist teaches an interesting and enlightening class on literary symbolism - from fairy tales to mythology. Her companion book Oral Tradition dives deeper into the secrets hidden in ancient oral tradition stories. You can purchase the video class ($47). Get the paperback or digital version of the book to ehnance your class!! 

Short Stories and Wonder Tales!

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A Fairy's Ransom

Patrick was the son of a rich miller. One day he wandered into the land of the fairies, which usually does not end well. Patrick, however, was a very special boy. 
A Storybook Princess
A Know-it-all Princess

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a storybook. One day her great castle was attacked by an evil wizard. 

It may sound great to know everything. Princess Emmalee did.
Call of the Dragon

A traveler, always alone, wanders in search of a certain dragon. One night while sleeping he has a dream, and then wakes up in a completely different place. His journey is a continuous mystery. 
Seven Suitors

Princess Cecily was very picky. Too picky according to the King and Queen. Would she EVER meet the right prince? 
The Golden Song

Orphea was a beautiful princess. Her beauty was only surpassed by her melodious voice. When she sang, little golden notes fell gently. Her greedy Uncle, now the king, collected them. One day a Prince heard her singing.  
The Magic Mirror

Once upon a time, in a very different country, there were two sisters who owned a most extraordinary mirror. It was a gateway to the Land of the Mirror. 
The Magic Quill

Mandrake Pennington Sedgwick was a wizard. But he was not like other wizards. Mandrake loved stories, games, and make believe. He wanted to become a story writer. 
The Guardian

Mikkel lived with his father on the edge of the Dark Forest. But he was not afraid of it like most children in his village. His father was a Knight. One day Mikkel discovered an old key. 
Pixie Cave

Pixies are very skilled at protecting where they live. Humans that accidentally wander in often do not wander out, or when they do they are a bit dotty. Albin was a different kind of human.   
The Cat's Meow

Amethyst had a cat named Cat. When things happen Cat was good to have around. How lucky to be a little girl with a Cat to look after you even though he did not seem to like the Fairy.  
The Glass Giant
The Unicorn's Choice

Humbort was an interesting giant. Not only was he made of glass, but he liked 'weird' things. 

Tomo could have been the last unicorn for all he knew. He left the forest he grew up in seeking companionship - and met a mermaid. 
The Pauper Prince

Jerome was not a wealthy prince. In fact he was a pauper. Still, he had his heart set on a certain princess. 

Once upon a time has a way of working things out - but not always as you expect!!!
The Owl King

Owls are stately creatures, especially when they are kings. Eiden, King of Hootanna, was a king with much at stake. In the Great Forest a scandal was brewing.  
The Princess and the Wolf

A Princess and a Wolf? A perfect match. She could say it was the bird's fault.  


Effective Imagination - the most powerful nation on earth.

In the annals of personal growth, there exists a transformative force more potent than any other. This force? Our imagination.This book delves into the heart of this capacity, beckoning readers into a world where the potential for creation knows no bounds. - Peggy McColl
The Symbologist ReVision

Learning to see symbols is fundamental to revealing their meanings and history. Discover how to see symbols and uncover the information they hide. A brief illustrated encyclopedia of symbols and a glossary make this a fascinating reference for those who love the world of visual language.
The Symbologist Oral Tradition

 Oral Tradition covers the language of our ancestors through popular and obscure legends, tales, and myths as told by word of mouth through generations. Tales of old have layered in them history and traditions long forgotten. Illustrated.

The Symbologist Method
Within the context of comprehensive historic time-lines, Michelle compares images from prehistory to those used in contemporary societies and decodes their meaning. The method for taxonomy, comparison, and context is important in decoding symbols and tracing them to their roots.
The Symbologist Magic

Magical practices are full of mysterious and interesting shapes, items, and symbols. In The Symbologist Magic, Michelle Snyder reveals the history of many magical items and traditions. Magic wands have roots thousands of years old.
The Symbologist Concept

Reveals the language of symbols and how they are used to communicate things like love, life and death, and other human conditions. This is a unique book that presents some intriguing revelations based on observations and comparisons of symbols, myths, and folklore.
Call of the Dragon and other Tales of Wonder

Call of the Dragon
The Golden Song
Forever Princess
A Storybook Princess 
A Fairy’s Ransom 
The Magic Mirror 
The Guardian 
The Pauper Prince 
The Glass Giant 
Seven Suitors 
Know-it-all Princess 
Pixie Cave 
Tears of the Dragon and other Tales of Wonder

Tears of the Dragon 
The Magic Quill 
The Prophetic Pearl 
Crystal Vision 
Princess & the Wolf 
Three Stones  
The Unicorn’s Choice 
The Enchanted Fairy 
The Owl King
The Elvin Flame
The Cat’s Meow
Lessons from Once Upon a Time

  Lessons from Once Upon a Time is the story of Fair One and Merlina, her tutor, who reads the growing princess a wonder tale each week for her education - manners, tradition, history, astronomy, and more. A wonderful book for parents to read to their children.
The Lost Unicorn

 Book one of A Tale of Three Kingdoms: wherein Princess Shyla of Tomenshire, with her faithful guardian Alastar, is in search of the Isle of Mist and the Lost Unicorn Kingdom to save her home from invasion by an evil queen and wizard. 
The Lost Mermaid

 The second book in A Tale of Three Kingdoms, wherein a Mermaid princess and a Fairy prince enter into a great and dangerous quest to defeat the wicked queen and save their kingdoms.
The Lost Dragon

 Third in the series A Tale of Three Kingdoms, wherein is the epic conclusion of a struggle between three kingdoms and a powerful dark wizard. The battle, known as the Wizards' War, will determine the fate of the Dragons' heir and the kingdoms of the Unicorns, Mermaids, and Fairies.
The Girl with the Golden WIngs

 Book four of A Tale of Three Kingdoms is coming soon! 
The Wheel

 Book five of A Tale of Three Kingdoms: The wheel turns around and we go with it. In The Wheel A Zodiacal Odyssey, Virgo must uncover who it is that wants her dead. The zodiacal characters come up in order - some are friends, and some are not. 
A podcast series of three minute journies into the world of symbolism by The Symbologist. 
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