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MPhil. Divinity; Bestselling Author

Founder, VP, Editor in Chief, FREA, Inc. Grafton, MA
The Symbologist's journey along the road to becoming an expert is fascinating, enlightening, and even entertaining. She has spoken internationally, taught workshops, written for newspapers and magazines,  created a podcast and a video class, written five unique, fascinating books on the subject of Symbology, and her fiction series is mesmorizing. Her latest book dives into the world of the incredible power of the imagination. 

She has awards, commendations, and interviews - both in print and on programs. If you would like her to present this wierd and wonderful material at a function, please email her at

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The Symbologist, Michelle Snyder
The Symbologist Michelle Snyder is a Bestselling Author and a world authority on symbolism, both visual and literary. Her books are illustrated beautifully and enlightening to read. 
Discover for yourself how symbols and people thrive, travel, and change together! 

The Symbologist will take you on a journey of revelation, uncovering secrets millennia old.  These are fascinating and entertaining books! 

The definition of wierd is 'knowing something others don't know.' Michelle Snyder is definitely wierd. Welcome to the world of Symbols!

More Books By Michelle Snyder

Bestselling Author The Symbologist Bookstore
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Effective Imagination - the most powerful nation on earth.
By Bestselling Authors Michelle Snyder and Holly Enzmann!!

"In the annals of personal growth, there exists a trans-formative force more potent than any other. An omnipresent power, so magnificent and vast that it has shaped the destinies of individuals and nations alike. This force? Our imagination. And in "Effective Imagi-nation: The Most Powerful Nation on Earth", a delightful mother-daughter duo delves into the heart of this capacity, beckoning readers into a world where the potential for creation knows no bounds." - Peggy McColl
The Symbologist Method – Keys to Knowledge is the foundation for many books, classes, and seminars by Michelle Snyder on the subject of symbolism. Within the context of historic timelines, she compares images and reveals their connections and meaning. This academic work contains the resources and methods used by The Symbologist to uncover secrets of visual language. 
In The Symbologist ReVision, the Symbologist teaches how to see symbols and uncover the information they hide. Learning to see symbols is fundamental to revealing their meanings and history.A brief illustrated encyclopedia of symbols and a glossary make this a fascinating reference for those who love the world of visual language.
The Symbologist - Concept reveals the language of symbols and how they are used to communicate things like love, life and death, and other human conditions. Symbols represent ideas and concepts. This is a unique book that presents some intriguing revelations based on observations and comparisons of symbols, myths, and folklore.
The Symbologist Oral Tradition covers the language of our ancestors through popular and obscure legends, tales, and myths as told by word of mouth through generations. Tales of old have layered in them history and traditions long forgotten. 
The Symbologist Magic
Michelle Snyder reveals the history of many magical items and traditions.Magical practices are full of mysterious and interesting shapes, items, and symbols.  Why are there magic wands? What started the scrying practice? These and other questions are very interesting to answers to explore.
The Lost Unicorn, Book 1

“In The Lost Unicorn our heroine balances on the great edge of danger and opportunity, not unlike our current times. The writing has a jewel-like quality about it. You smell the sea, and feel the loam beneath your knees as the princess and guardian spend the night in the deep darkness.” Anna Fussell, Author
 The Lost Mermaid Book 2

The Lost Mermaid is quite original, but at the same time beautifully captures the fairy tale archetypes we have all come to know: in typical fairy classics - kidnapping, chases, escapes, true love, princes, princesses, a daring knight, the evil jealous sorcerer queen, and a wicked wizard - this is a read that will leave you wanting more! Cannot wait for the third installment!” Coryn Delgado, teacher

The Lost Dragon Book 3

"It was fun to read this "fairy tale" that brought you right inside the story. The Lost Dragon grabbs you and you felt like you wanted to stay up all night to finish it. Then sadly, you finish, but wanted more. Absolutely delightful, with wonderful writing, terminology and plot." Margaret Bell - author
Where is Book 4 of A Tale of Three Kingdoms?? 
The Girl With the Golden Wings is coming soon. 

The Wheel Book 5

Someone wants to assassinate Virgo, the last of the Helenic Queens. Clever and imaganitive use of the zodiac written in one story with all the houses in the right order.  
Tears of the Dragon and Other Tales of Wonder

A series of original tales by Michelle Snyder. Drawing upon her vast knowledge of the language of symbolism, the history of the earth, and the oral tradition of the ages, she has created an enchanting series of stories that will entertain and teach at the same time. 

There are 11 magical adventures in this collection. 
  Tears of the Dragon and Other Tales of Wonder 

A series of original tales by Michelle Snyder. Drawing upon her vast knowledge of the language of symbolism, the history of the earth, and the oral tradition of the ages, she has created an enchanting series of stories that will entertain and teach at the same time. 

There are 12 magical adventures in this collection.
Lessons From Once Upon A Time 

A collection of classic fairy tales included in a tale by Michelle Snyder. The Fair One, a princes from once upon a time, is taught interesting things from classic fairy tales.
Fair One discovers many treasures in these stories and also learns the phases of the moon! Written to read to children.

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Symbols are how humans communicate. There are many kinds of symbol systems - let’s think of them as symbolic maps of reality. To explore this reality we need to be willing to abandon our preconceptions and keep an open, indeed vigilant mind. The philosopher Gurdjieff made the analogy that we are like people living in beautiful houses who never venture out of the basement. Symbolism literacy can help us not only find the way up, but also out.

The Symbologist on Fairy Tales and Myths

Symbolism is very important in literature. Oral tradition, usually fairy tales and myths, have a lot of literary symbolism. Much of it represents actual events from cultures long ago forgotten, as well as lessons about morality, traditions, and knowledge. Knowing what to look for reveals a lot of forgotten history. 

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From Call of the Dragon and Tears of the Dragon books.

A series of three minute journies into the world of symbolism by The Symbologist. 
The Golden Key is free your listening enjoyment!

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